Friday, July 23, 2010

Sounds and 13's

Before. Maybe I can sell this to a museum?

One of my favorite things back when I used to live on land (a month ago) was the sound and home theater systems. I can do without the home theater, but I need to do something about this stereo on the boat.
I have onboard 26-year-old original equipment AM/FM cassette deck, two old, broken bookshelf speakers in the salon, and two old, broken marine speakers in the cockpit. Only two of the speakers work, they sound terrible anyway, and the FM reception (of course I don't own any cassettes) is less than spectacular. This isn't going to do. Everyone that comes on the boat asks if there is any music... Plus, how am I am supposed to have a bunch of hot chicks dancing around my boat without a decent stereo?

Let's fix this...

Unfortunately, that isn't the cocaine I spilled over the side this morning...

This part was kind of a pain in the ass. The new, much better [and louder] speakers were a couple of inches larger than the old ones. Oh, and oval shaped instead of round. Yes, I could have gotten smaller round shaped ones, but think about the dancing hot chicks.

After masking the surrounding are to prevent scratches, I used a reciprocating saw to cut the larger holes where the old ones were. I taped a garbage bag over the back side of the hole to catch the mess and used a handheld vacuum cleaner to take care of the front. Did I mention that my enormous (that's right, ladies) steering wheel was in the way of everything? Well, I took it off.
What's this round thing for?

Once the holes were cut, it didn't take long to grind them into perfect fits, clean the area, apply the sealant/adhesive, and screw the new speakers in. 125 watts each, b*tch.
Cockpit done

Next was the main cabin. Easy. Step one, throw away old speakers. Step two, rip out old, sh*tty speaker wire. Step three, run new Monster Cable large gauge insulated, shielded wire (i used this for the cockpit, as well). Place new 80 watt speakers.
Salon done

Complete. Now where are those girls at?

After, and you can't even see the terrible job I did of cutting the wood...

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