Friday, December 2, 2011

Fuck off, birds!

Doesn't look very scary to me...

As if the soot from the airport wasn't bad enough, there have been little birds having a field day shifting all over my boat. In as little as two weeks, these birds have the deck looking like I've been parked in a forest or something.

If I'm home and I hear them up on the mast, I'll whip a spare halyard up there to chase them away. Five minutes later, they're back at it. Bastards.

I'd like to get a trained falcon or something to fly around the marina and keep these guys off my boat, but they're probably too expensive and I don't know where to get one.

As a final assault in my war against the birds, today I picked up one off the goofy-looking scary eyes beachball scarecrow things. I hung it up on the mast and crossed my fingers. Let's hope it works.
I'll just have to remember to take the silly thing down before I hit the yacht club for cocktails.

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